17 March 2011

Girls just wanna have fun...Part 1.

Right, this has been slightly delayed...But it's better than never. :P

Well a few weeks back it was Misbah's birthday! :D so we all went out for a meal at East Z East (http://www.eastzeast.com). Oh my god, it was such a hectic day! We were running behind schedule as usual...as Sarah and I had to go into town...she needed tights (Sally I mean)...and I needed shoes. I spent forever trying to decide which shoes to get from New Look as I didn't have my boing boings there to help me decide. :( In the end I got so annoyed I bought both of them! No, I'm not spoilt, I just couldn't decide...:P Plus, it's really hard for someone like me who has wideeeeee feet to find a pair of shoes that actually fits them, apart from Uggs. :P

We finally made our way to Sally's! Omg it was so scary having to take the shortcut! I thought I was going to get kidnapped or something! Haha, trust me! It isn't the safest area to be in! Anyways, yeah, we got to Bum Bum's in one piece and started getting ready and oh my, we only had like 2 hours to get ready...*thinks* AS IF. You should have seen how MESSY Sally's room was! Thanks to me! :P And Sarah! And the girl herself! Haha. There was make up all over the floor...both straighteners and curlers were burning away...the smell of hairspray and perfume was overwhelming...make up wipes and cotton buds on the desk and floor...Haha, complete madness. Well that is what you get when you leave us three in a room to get ready for a special occasion. We are girls at the end of the day...what do you expect? ;)

It was way past 7 and we were actually meant to be there FOR 7. Oooppss. Sorry Misbah. :/ You know how us Asians roll! Hahaa. There was no chance getting there on a bus...at that time of the day, and in really short dresses and heels. NOOOOO CHANCE. So Bum Bum called the taxi and omg I thought we were gonna raped or something...Haha did I heck! The taxi driver was really weird and you could tell how SCARED Sarah Yong was even though she was sat in between the two of us! ==" Lol we all squeezed into the back of the car and year we were kind of squashed and then the taxi driver asked Sally whether she wanted to sit at the front seeing as we were so squashed and she was like NO NO, I'M FINE HERE. Haha! Anyway, yeah, I still couldn't believe that the taxi driver didn't even know where the restaurant was...and it's meant to be pretty well known around the area...and he's Asian...so how could he not know? But in the end we found it and woah, it was quite posh. :) It was a restaurant for the rich businessmen...and it was extremely busy on the day.

The restaurant was really nice. :) The food was quite nice but it wasn't cheap. 2 Samosas for like £2.35...><" MORE THAN £1 per samosa? It's definitely the most expensive samosa I've had. Haha. AND OMG, DID I NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THE FITTTT WAITER?! He was sexxaayyyyy! Haha. We were just perving oh him all night. :P I swear he was mixed. Must have been. Why is it that all mixed guys are so good looking? And why do I not know any? :'( Lol. Well I did "know" one, he was a "friend's" brother but yeah don't really talk to them anymore...to be honest, I never did, well not properly. Anyway, yeah, that waiter was HOT. He made my day. Mwahahahaa. And he came over to take a picture for us all and then Misbah's friend was like "Is it him that you like..." and he was literally a metre away from us! Embarrassing or what? :/ Oh well. :P I tried to take a picture of him but the quality isn't that good. :/ Yeah I know it's stalkerish. :P Haha! I just had to though. Sorry. =P Oh and did I tell you how he had a really fit bodyyyyy?! :P LOL. I'm so perverted. I know. Mwahahahaaaa.

[My new shoes from New Look!]

[Yeah I know...I did bring a little too...much...:P]

[My Boing Boings: Sarah and Sally!]

[On the way there...]

[It took me forever to use that eyelid glue. It kept going everywhere! :@]

[Yeah...it's a little messy. :P]

[Sarah's done.]

[I wasn't in the picture because I was still getting ready. Haha.]

[My smelly bum bum!]

[You can't not take pictures in the toilet!]


[I look like a giant compared to her!]

[I have never seen so many chillis on a menu in my life!]

[Yeahhhh, it's him. ;)]

[Picture time!]

[Poor lighting. :(]

[They weren't worth it.]

[Currrryyyy. Mmmmmm.]

[I found it fascinating how they placed them naan breads on them rods.]

[The birthday girl! Misbah! :) Isn't she stunning?!]

[*Sings* Money...money...money...in a rich man's world.]

[Group picture! :D The hot waiter took it! :P]

[The girls! :)]


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