12 March 2011

Liverpool baby!

[I was sooooooooooooo tired. It was a long day.]

[My restaurant. ;)]

[Too much food colouring!]

[My first ever strawberry lolly from Starbucks!]

[Princess Shirley!]

[You just got papped Kirsty!]

[Back to the station!]

[Some random building...]

[Random picture of JMU...]

I went to Liverpool on Wednesday with some friends, Kirsty, Shirley and Christine! :) Jaye didn't come because she was being gay! Haha jokes! She wasn't feeling too good, and just wasn't in the mood to shop so she stayed at home instead...and missed out on the fun! This was my second time going to Liverpool. The last time I went was when my cousin and her mate were studying at JMU, and that was quite a long time ago.

We actually went pretty early but because of me and my Asian genes, I was late...AGAIN. :/ Sorry guys! :P I don't mean to be late all the time! I just can't help it. Haha. Anyway, we got on the train from Piccadilly to Liverpool! :) It felt so weird setting off from Piccadilly. I usually only go to Piccadilly when I need to go to London, which isn't often.

Wwe got to Liverpool around 1-2 ish...and oh myyyy...it was freeeezzinnnggg! It's sooooo much colder than Manchester! That's probably because it's on the coast...but oh my god when the wind hits you, it really does. Brrr.

I'm not sure about you but I love listening to different accents...at first, I couldn't find anyone with a really strong Liverpool accent, but then we heard some taxi driver shouting through his window and it was then that I knew we were in Liverpool. Haha.

We had our brunch at Mei Mei's Restaurant. Haha. Yes, it's my restaurant. :P It took us forever to find China Town because Shirley didn't even know where it was although she goes to Liverpool like all the time. Haha. Useless. :P Jokes! The Dim Sum at Mei Mei's was alright...but oh my, that mango pudding was soooooooooo orange! Did they pour the whole bottle of food colouring in or what? :/ And it didn't even taste nice! I still prefer Kwokies' mango pudding. Mmmmmmmm. And no, I'm not being bias. :)

Our mission for the day was to SHOPPP! To be honest, we didn't even buy that much. Princess Shirley bought the most...as usual. :P I got a cap from H&M and 2 headbands from Accessorize. See, I'm a saver, not a spender. :P I hated how all the shops were "outside." It would have been so much better if there was some kind of shelter, or even better, if they were all in one big shopping centre...However, it would be nice to go there for a shopping spree in the summer, just not when it's raining and windy like it was on the day. ><" The shops seem so much nicer in Liverpool...their New Look is so much posher than ours and I swear there's more choice. :S

We came back to Manchester at around 6-7 in the evening so we didn't really get to see much of Liverpool...but it was better than nothing...and it was nice to be there again after like 7 years! ><"

Afterwards, we went to the Arndale to get some bits and bobs for Kirsty and Shirley...then we all went our separate ways...Lol.
Overall, it was a good day! :) Had a good laugh with the girls!


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