02 March 2011

Life...is unfair.

I was in China Town the other day having dinner with my family and there was this guy who was sat on his own, opposite our table...He kept on looking at us and it made me feel so uncomfortable...I decided to look away but I could still feel someone staring at me/us...I'm not sure about you but I get really paranoid when someone stares at me...I just don't like it. I thought the guy was just being weird/nosey/perverted...
Minutes later my mum noticed that he was talking...but he was sat on his own...and we were all confused. My mum was convinced that he was talking to himself but I was thinking "maybe he has one of them bluetooth headsets attached to his ear"...so I had quick glances every now and then...and things didn't look too right...There were many gestures and I was just so confused...One of the waitresses came over to collect our plates and my mum asked her whether he was on the phone or something...and then she told us that he really did have some kind of mental problem and that all the waiters/waitresses at the restaurant have spent a rather long time trying to figure this out. I felt really bad after hearing this. There was me thinking that he was some pervert but really, he couldn't help it. It just comes to show that we should never judge. Never. I thought he was a "normal" person like the rest of us...he ordered like the most expensive veg you could order in that restaurant and then a plate of scallops...and them things cost like £3 each! I felt soooooooooo guilty after finding out that he wasn't all there. It made me really emotional...Maybe we should all stop taking the simple things from life for granted...because you never know...it could be one of us one day.
All I have to say is...that...life really is unfair...and no one deserves to live like that...and remember, be careful with your judgements.


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