05 January 2014


Yes I'm back with part 2! Finally! Haha. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones!
Anyway, back to the topic...

I so regret following the rules on the Wembley Arena's site! I should have just taken my big camera with my zoom lens like all the other fans! Grrrrrr. Oh and can I just mention how I didn't like some of the staff working there! They're quite aggressive! And I did not appreciate the way my precious handbag was treated at security! 
So gutted that I couldn't get any closer! Regardless of getting up extra early to buy tickets! All in all, it was worth it!

We were just about to head back to our hotel and then we heard a million ELFs screaming outside the arena/hilton hotel! SJ were staying there! Arghhhh! I even considered the Hilton hotel when booking for London! ABSOLUTELY GUTTED. Super Junior, why would you stay so close to the arena? :P The location was just...too obvious. 

This was how close I was to Kangin! He was literally under a metre away from me! In a car. Haha.
We waited for an extra hour or so in the cold/rain for Siwon to turn up...but he must have sneaked his way in as he was nowhere to be seen! I was so disappointed though as I saw everyone else but Siwon! Next time maybe!

So who does this remind you of? ;)

THANK GOD we had a KFC right next to the hotel which was opened until 2am! O

A memorable night...just sad it ended so fast.

My make up had been on my face for more than 12 hours so excuse me if I look like a scruffbag in this picture! Haha!

Someone needs to brush up on their photography skills...:P

The So's.

We resisted. Yes we did. However, I shall get one someday.

Excuse me if I look really rough in this picture. The last thing I wanted to do after like 5 hours sleep is to apply make-up. Just focus on my buddies!

Group pic finalement!

Trying to take a good picture in front of the London Eye took at least 20 attempts! It was too busy!

The toilets at this Pizza Express in Knightsbridge smelled soooo bad! And the customer service was terrible! We waited for at least 40 minutes and no one came to serve us so in the end we walked out! The waiter didn't even seem bothered that we were leaving! I was looking forward to trying Pizza Express for the very first time...never mind.

Doing what tourists do best.

It felt good to be back in my own bed! ;) Even though the hotel beds weren't too bad either! 
I had a wonderful time with my beautiful friends! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Super Junior perform! It was like a dream come true to see Siwon up close! And the other members of course! The weekend away was worth the time...and money! I must have lost like 5kg from walking around the whole of London in 2 days. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration. Sally and I however did regret not staying for longer! If only we knew earlier that Super Junior were spending a few extra days down in London after their concert...we all thought that they would have left the day after the concert...obviously not! Anyway I am looking forward to Super Show 6! I really hope they come back to England for it! It'll give me an excuse to visit London again! Haha.

Anyway, that is it for now. Hope you all enjoyed my late blog post and the huge amount of pictures!
Good night!


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