21 January 2014

Steam Eye Mask Review!

I was given two sachets as a souvenir from Hong Kong. I must say that I was impressed. They definitely weren't your average eye mask. They gave off a wonderful aroma and they heated up when in use! I also like how they're disposable! I remember using mine when I had a migraine and it definitely helped ease the pain while I tried to sleep. I also used it when I was on a trip to help me sleep (I usually have a problem sleeping away from home) and it definitely proved to be useful! I would definitely consider repurchasing! The only bad thing is that it's another Asian product so I can only get hold of it online which is just a little annoying! I saw them on sale in London but the shop that I went to were charging around £13 or more for one box and they can usually be bought for less than £6! Yes, huge difference!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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