27 January 2014

The Heirs.

It's been such a long time since I last watched a DECENT Korean drama! The Heirs is so good! Everyone, go and watch it now! Even my dearest mother watched it! Probably because she likes Lee Min Ho too! Haha! One of my favourites, Lee Min Ho is in it! And Park Shin Hye, who was in the very first Korean drama that I had ever watched, Stairway to Heaven. Lee Min Ho's acting has gone up a level! Completely! Oh, and I must say he looked extremely HOT in every outfit that he wore in the drama! Someone has definitely become a huge trendsetter!

I also loved the whole soundtrack for this drama! It was nice to hear Lee Min Ho sing too for a change!

One more thing, after watching this drama, you might just realise that this guy is a good kisser! He even mentioned in an interview with Park Shin Hye that he's worked out how to kiss someone without his nose getting in the way! Hahahaha!

Lee Min Ho really suits this hairstyle! 

Hope to see the two together again in another drama!

This scene was adorable!

I miss this drama! May I just that this drama is filled with good looking people! Haha!


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