23 April 2014

RMK Ingenious Gel Eye liner (01 Black).

This was kind of an impulse buy. I always look forward to trying RMK's products. This very black gel eyeliner gives a fairly easy and smooth application. It has a lovely texture compared to some of the gel eyeliners I have previously tried.

Gel eyeliners are quite hard to work with initially, just like any other form of eyeliner. Even until today, I'm still no pro when it comes to drawing any sort of line/flick on my eyelids! They say practice makes perfect...I guess they meant A LOT of practice.

I have used this eyeliner a reasonable amount of times and I have noticed that it doesn't seem to stay that well in place, especially if I apply it on my waterline. If I'm careful and my make up hasn't been on my face for too long, I can get the product to stay on my eyelid pretty well but it smudges a lot in the corners of my eyes and on my lower lash line if I choose to apply any excess around the waterline which is very annoying. I personally have very oily eyelids and my eyes can be quite "teary" at times (especially during summer time) so this may be one of the reasons why I have problems with the product. It just isn't waterproof/smudge proof enough for me to like it. I enjoy using RMK's products and have done for many years, but this was sadly a let down for me. Although its staying power isn't great on my skin, it's definitely better than some of the eyeliners I've tried in the past!


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