12 February 2014

RMK Firming Essence Review!

I've already been through a couple of bottles! Originally I wanted to purchase the "brightening" version of this but RMK stopped selling it as they were having issues with the product. This firming essence may sound as if it's only suitable for older individuals but I personally think that it's a good product. It has definitely kept my skin moisturised. Usually, I will get the occasional dry patch on my face (usually around my nose) when winter arrives but this hasn't happened lately *touch wood*.

I must also comment on the scent of this product! Normally I don't care too much about the scent of products, as long as they don't stink! However, this one just goes unnoticeable! It smells really nice! It definitely is RMK's nicest smelling skincare product to date!

The packaging of the product is good too! I like how it's in a glass bottle as it feels more luxurious. It's great how it has a pump too! I hate it when I have to dig into a moisturiser tub! I find it so unhygienic!

As I have oily skin, applying this as well as a toner and sunscreen can sometimes be a little heavy for my skin so it's important that you don't apply too much if you have the same problem! However, this won't stop me from purchasing the product in future!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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