01 June 2013

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets (Powder free)!

Hey everyone!
Exams are over so yeah, lots of time for blogging now...kind of!

I've finally finished using the Kleenex shine absorbing sheets (oil blotting paper), which are powder free. Normally I like to use the Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets but seeing as I go through a million boxes of Kleenex tissues every year, I thought I'd give this new "beauty" product of theirs a go! I was actually quite happy with my purchase! They certainly do get rid off any shine on the face and are powder free, which is an important factor for me! I hate it when you blot your face with blotting paper and it leaves your skin with weirdly coloured powder residue! Another good thing about these Kleenex blotting sheets is that it's easy to get hold of in the UK! We don't have the Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets in the UK, and so, I tend to have to stock up whenever I go to Asia, or order online.

Please let me know what kind of blog posts you would like to see! :D



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