06 January 2013

A Break from Uni.

After an intense week of rushing assignments, uni friends decided to meet up before everyone headed home for Christmas. Once again, thank you Tingles for dinner! :) We went to Browns and then decided to go to the Hilton for a few drinks. Loveeeee the view from the Hilton! Love the atmosphere there! It's definitely a great place for couples too as I had realised. Haha.

Start the day off with a selca! :P

We all ordered the same starter! Haha! Scallops...YUM.

My dinner. :)

What the Princess Of Cheshire ordered...

Love mocktails!

JJ and I!

COCKTAIL TIME! (I never knew a cocktail could be so strong! Mine tasted like pure alcohol. Haha.)

Group pic! It's a shame that the picture's so blurry though!

Moi > Tingles > Princess Of Cheshire.

My outfit of the day. ;)

Anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year with your loved ones! Let's hope 2013 treats us all well!


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