13 January 2013


I never really posted about Malaysia when I got back so thought I'd do so now...they say it's better late than never...

Why don't we have this in England?!

I find it quite interesting to visit temples...my friends disagree.

This little one never fails to make me laugh!

He is one funny uncle!

Love love love.

I stand like a right man at times!
Guess who's the oldest...

Love the scenery at Kundasang! But there's way too many bugs! However, thank god they don't have lizards!

Having the power to make all the men do a cute pose was too funny!


Met some new peeps this summer!

Selca time!

Thanks for the phone case Ping! :) 

Chilling at Sandakan's newest hotel!

I drank numerous glasses of watermelon juice during my stay in Malaysia! Sooooooooooo good!

My little Benji Boy! He's tooooooooooooooo cute!

Char Sui Gon Low Min...I had this for breakfast nearly EVERYDAY. :D

On my way home...:'(
I shall look forward to my next visit to Malaysia. It's one amazing country, that has left me with some AMAZING memories.


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