17 December 2013


It's been a while since I've actually blogged about my life. Haha. Well just over a month ago, I managed to go all the way to London to see SUPER JUNIOR!!!! I was soooooo excited! I just had to go and see my Siwon! Haha. I even got up extra early to buy tickets as soon as they were up for sale. It was Super Junior's first performance in the UK! It was a dream come true! I really hope they come back for Super Show 6. Super Show 5 was the best concert I've been to so far. It was more than I expected. It was worth the lack of sleep, the back ache, the sweat, the time, and the money. Haha! Whoever did not go completely missed out!

Camwhoring on the train is a must.

My dearest Boing Boing, Sally.

I love my "Milo Bing."


Our family suite! The room was a nice size!


Couldn't leave without a selfie!

Accidental photo bombing! Haha. 

The lobby.

Sisterly love.

This is what we wanted to see! Hahaaaa.

I wanted to get a vision street wear jumper after seeing Kangin's vest but they don't sell them on ASOS anymore. 

Let it out boys!

Siwon, please can I have your shirt?

Next time I want to sit on the front row! :P

So many ELFs!

Hi Shin Dong! :D

Credits to whoever took this! AMAZING pic! AMAZING bod! Haha. 

The things I do in public for Super Junior...;)
To be continued...


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