12 April 2011

Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love this product. It definitely saves the day when you don't have the time to wash your hair or if you're just in one of them moods when you can't be bothered washing your hair. Recently I've been using this product a lot more than I usually would as my hair, for some strange reason, gets really oily...even though I wash it quite often. Washing your hair everyday is simply too much for the hair and can cause damage therefore I try to wash it every other day if possible and I use this product in between washes to keep my hair looking fresh. Although it's a handy product, there are some disadvantages. When you spray dry shampoo onto your hair it usually turns out white/powdery so when you use this product, make sure you rub it in properly to avoid this from happening by ruffling your hair with your fingers. Also, the product does not last that long so it is best if you carry a small bottle around with you so that you can reapply it during the day.

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