10 February 2011

Chinese New Yearrrrr!

Dung Dung Chiang! Dung Dung Chiang! Dung Dung Chiang!
It's Chinese New Year!
And it's the year of the rabbit!
I welcome the new year with open arms!

Well it was Chinese New Year so as usual, every yellow person in the whole of England was out. :P China Town was packed, but thank god it calmed down when we went. We bumped into quite a few people on Sunday as everyone was out, including Shirley and her mates, Laurie and a few others. :)
I kept on bumping into my Facebook "friends" which was pretty weird as I kind of recognised them whereas they didn't so I didn't bother going upto them and saying hi. :P

I chilled with Misbah, Sarah and Sally for most of the day. :) In town, in the rain and with the wind. ><
Omggg there was this really cute kid in the food court (see above)! He was adorable! Wanted to pinch his cheeks so bad! You can't not love chubby babies! Haha. :D

And oh my, we FINALLY got to watch The Green Hornet! Jay Chou all the way baby! :D He's cute! And omg I never knew he was that skinny! I thought the film was pretty good but there's quite a few people out there who have been slagging it off. *Sighs* Well you can't please everyone.

After the film, we had to runnnnnnnnnn in the rain to Kwokies as we were extremely late and everyone was waiting for us. :/ But yeah we got there in the end, wayyyy before Sarah because she was too busy *coughs* with Cheong. ><

Overall it was a good day...apart from the fact that it rained all day...oh well what do you expect? We're in England.


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