23 October 2010

Not good.

*Sighs* This cold/flu is killing me! Grrrrrr. I actually feel like death. It doesn't help when you have uni and loads of work to do. ><" And I have my first set of uni tests in just over a week. Crap. Someone help me please. :/ :/ :/ And god knows how am I gonna pass, especially DET (Development of Economic Thought). I have learnt absolutely nothing in the lectures/tutorials. As if I'd understand all that philosophical crap. I don't think so mate. I never know what he's on about. >< It's just so confusing and doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Economics is an art...oh no, it's a science...what the...?! :@ *Sighs* There aren't even any text books or whatever to revise from and god knows how am I going to write that essay. Arrrrgghhhhhh. Help is needed. :/
*Sighs again* I really do need to get better by like Monday...preferably. :/
Had like 6 tablets today and quite a few cough sweets but they're not really doing their jobs properly. :( And to make matters worse, I look like a right scruff and omgggg my skin's really suffering at the moment. :(
And I have a lot on my mind...hopefully, things will get better over the next few days...


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