23 May 2010

Summmmmmerrrr. :)

Summer has finally arrived! :) Woop woop!

Check the weather out! It's beautifulllll. =]

Blue skies...Green grass...A light breeze...and of course, SUNSHINEEEE! [Y]

However I'm currently dying from Hayfever. *Sighssss* Hayfever spoils my summer! It's torture!


Why does England have to be so pollenated? Hahaha is that even a word? ><" Oh well, whatever, you know what I mean.


I really don't get how we're supposed to revise in such nice weather. This kind of weather is perfecccctt for going out and just chilling. :D

I soooooo wanna go outttttt. :(


Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the weather and good luck to those who have exams coming up!

Random quote of the day: "When nothing goes right, go left."


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